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Want to shop in Paris, Milan, Berlin, London? Can't get there or get access to the right online stores? Don't worry we know someone that can. Contact one of our shoppers today so they can help you get whatever you want, wherever you need it. Visit our help desk in the menu above with any queries.

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Connect with shoppers all over the world so they can get whatever you want, wherever you need it. Fast.

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Our transactions are processed by the two leading payments companies, giving you peace of mind and payment on delivery.

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We guarantee your transactions so you can shop 'till you drop. Contact a shopper today, there's no commitment to buy.

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We have shoppers all over the world. Each with their own areas of expertise and access. Send them a message with what you're looking for and where you need it. If you need to bring in bulk orders we have access to incredible shipping rates.

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Select a shopper in your target country and message them with what you need.

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Review the order confirmation the shopper sends to you and buy your items.

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Your shopper buys your order and arranges delivery to where you want it.

Examples of usage

Gifts & care packages

Miranda from Australia wanted a gift for her friend in Scotland. She connected with Andy in Scotland who sourced, bought and delivered Scotch whisky to her friend.

Travel essentials

Kate from the UK wanted toddler supplies for her trip to Italy. Pepe in Italy recommended Italian equivalents and arranged for them to be delivered to her address in Italy.

Personal shopping

Al from the USA wanted Serrano ham from Spain. Raul used his local access and expertise to source, buy and get it delivered to him.